Sunday, December 12, 2010

And Maybe Its True
I'm caught Up On You
Maybe Theres A Chance
That you're Stuck On Me Too
So Maybe I'm wrong Its All In My Head
Maybe We're Afraid of Words We Both Hadn't Said
♥ (:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

hahaha. I realise the previous post was like a month ago. :P hee.
oh well. So... rough update: school is pretty okay i guess. Although there were some slight problems or smth, but I'm not going to go into that here.
I actually have a written diary, where i can be more open about my thoughts, feelings, etc. Although my thoughts are faster than my writing speed. haha.
O lvls are ending. Not that I am involved, but i know ppl who are. So congrats to them. (:
Dance concert is coming. omg. excited yet worried. x.x plus, my costumes seem to be.. unprepared? haha. oops.
U-KISS IS COMING! i wanna go for the mini concert! BUT i dun think i can get the tickets already. Kinda late. and its at BEDOK RESERVOIR. SO FAR!!! and my lessons on that day end at 5pm. Queue opens at 6pm and concert starts at 8pm. so sad. )))))))): ALEXANDER!!! sob. saddddd!
I am broke. ): So many things i wanna buy, but i just dun have the money. lol. bleh.
alright. thats about all for now... :P

Monday, October 11, 2010

wow. It has been ages since i last updated. lol.

Anyway, i had a really scary dream last night.
I dreamt that I was an assassin. Yes. An assassin. lol. Okay, I'm not going to go into full details here, but there were 2 groups of people. Like 2 kingdoms or something, who had some conflict or feud. So there was this battle. And it was like this "free for all" battle. and it was damn scary. Everybody just started slashing each other. omg. Like slash in half or smth. It was like a slash within range kind of thing. so if u see someone just stab and slash. Damn scary. Bloody gory thing. I was using this 2 knifes thingy. one was like a hook thingy or a curved blade. The other a knife/dagger? it's like a set. Then like my friends were in the fight too. D:
lol. anyway, i sort of forced myself to wake up. haha. It's over now. (:

Okay, Yesterday was 10/10/10. Pretty cool. Angie and I dyed our hair. hahaha. First time i dyed my hair such a colour. Not bad. :D Aaron says the colour looks like yoona's from SNSD in Genie. I dunno.

nom nom nom.
Concert is on 7th Dec.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yesterday was Singapore's 45th Birthday! :D haha. erm. Happy Belated Birthday, Singapore!

kay. So, just another rough update.
Its the holidays already! wooo! :D School reopens on the 25th Oct. Which is like 2 months plus away. ^^
I think i'll be going Bali this Sunday. lol. with my family. So sudden right.
I really really love the "StreetDance" movie! The dancing is really very awesome. I wish i could dance as well as them. haha. I wanna watch it again! this time in 3D! yay!
Charissa's magic show is on tomorrow. haha. Go support. :D
Natsu Matsuri is next Sat! :D

The trailer of Streetdance:::

haha. That's about all for now....
Im hungry. It's late. Im gonna sleep. lol!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Okay. Random stuff update:

2) I enjoy playing Neopets. LOL.
3) I got in to both dances i auditioned for.
4) I am eligible to sign up for Basic Jap 104 in school. yay.
5) I actually enjoyed rendering SSS storyboard.
6) Major Projects left are all in MAYA. PBM, 3MA
7) I have watched Despicable Me with my family. :D
8) I am really sleepy now, but i have the stupid car model to worry about.
9) I have started playing a FB App game called Baking Life.
10) I found out today that the Prata Shop downstairs was playing Korean Songs. HAHAHA!
11) OneManga closed down. ):
12) I love Ice Cream
13) I love Christmas. :D

Till Next Time. :D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

So... well, today was the official I&E selling date for our class. My group sold stickies! which are a type of sweet. Yeap.
Went to Bishan in the evening, as we were gathering at Josh's hse for the discipleship bible thing. haha. It was rather enjoyable, and meaningful. Shared quite abit. :) I like. ^^
Word of the Day: Astounding :)

Yesterday was the dance audition for Abracadabra. lol. I dun think i would get in, since i dun think i danced very well. haha. dun really care that much. yeap. then had lesson after that, since Jacky and Anrine had some miscommunication thingy. yeah. It was super ultra fun. The group of us kept on laughing due to some comical moves. hahahaha!
On the way back with my cousin, we had a rather long and meaningful talk which really encouraged me. haha. I felt really happy when i heard it. :D Must continue to Jiayou! ^^

Got back some of my results. I have no comments. lol. its sad. yes, it is. ):

I wanna watch Despicable Me! argh! So many ppl seems to have watched it alr. Nvm, i hope i get my chance on Sunday. haha.

Recently, I have started playing Neopets again. Yes, i know what u must be thinking. LOL. haha. But who cares, it is fun and addictive. Especially if u play with yr friends. haha. Cam, Justin, Val, Aaron, and Tina are playing too. Muahaha! :P

I need sleep. Im really sleepy, and i really should start to sleep earlier. Anyway, I have to wake up early tmr too. Cause im helping out in the parents' forum thing. 0.0 hahaha. yeap. So, thats all for now, i guess. Man, I need to improve my language. Be it Eng, Chi, or Jap. lol.

Last note, my family and i have started feeding a stray kitten near our hse, so it follows us up to our hse now. haha. Reminds me of all the previous kitties that we kept, who all started out stray too. :D

Honey the Kitty! :D

hahaha! Super cute! I love this photo. :D
Look at the size of the slipper and the size of Honey!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

heyyy. haha. Back for a post.

Today in church, i found out that one of my friends actually had 4 tickets for the 2AM showcase. So she gave 2 of them to her AC friends and the other 2 to another guy in church. DAMN SAD! cause she didnt know that me and Janice wanted to go too. booo. So damn disappointing. haha. nvm. No point crying over spilt milk. :/ but i still cant help feeling a little sad. haha.

Anyway, after class, I went with my parents to my mother's Aunt's hse. Cause her cousin was visiting from the UK. and yeah, she's mixed. okay. So her 2 daughters were there too. So I saw my 2 distant cousins for the first time in my life. haha. They are my distant cousins, cause they are the children of my mother's cousins so.. etc. yeah. haha. So they are 1/4 Chinese. lol. Quite cool. haha. One of them is 18, while the other one is 15. They were really really friendly. lol. Now i wanna go London again. haha. Then they were like "oh! come! u can stay with us!". haha. So nice. yeah. Thats about it....

Nothing much for this post, i guess.